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  • School Philosophy

    School Philosophy

    School Philosophy

    DeltonSchool provides meaningful learning experiences that will enable all students to attain at their highest possible levels and all staff members to grow professionally and personally in an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect. The staff, students, their families and the community will work collaboratively as we pursue the mission of excellent results from each member of our school family.

    The DeltonWay... It startswith us!

    I believe I am an important part of the Delton Community. I believe in being kind, caring and respectful to everyone.

    I believe I have the power to make a difference.

    I believe I am responsible for my own learning, and will respect the learning of others.

    I believe that it’s okay to take a chance, and learn from it.

    I believe I will be successful.

    I believe in us.


    Student Rights and Responsibilities

    Please see our Student Rights and Responsibilities

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  • Instructional Focus

    Instructional Focus


    Focus on 21 Century Literacy Skills is a district wide initiative.

    Each student must develop competency in reading, writing, speaking, viewing, listening, representing and numeracy as foundational skills for 21st century learning.  Teachers at Delton School participate in ongoing collaborative professional development to continually improve their teaching skills in the area of Literacy.  . Reading at home is a necessary part of any successful program. As part of our instructional focus every classroom has a home reading program.  Our goal is for every student to achieve a year or more of growth  and to develop a lifelong love of reading.  

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Dear Students, Parents, Guardians and Community Members,

Welcome to our school! At Delton School, our priority is student growth and success. We are committed to providing a positive learning environment that will foster and support high academic and behavioural expectations.  We provide an excellent learning environment and welcoming school atmosphere made possible by dedicated staff, committed parents and great students.

This website has been developed to inform you of policies, procedures and philosophies that are in place at Delton School.

Let’s work together to continue to build a strong academic and citizenship program for all students.